Lax Cup …. Winter Lax cup.
That might be one way to introduce our old-new tournament name. After 3 years of Mayor’s Lax Cup we are switching back to Winter Lax Cup, which better describe the freezing weather of January, when tournament is held.

But new name isn’t only change we made. From 19th to 21st of January 2018 you can witness new teams beside the good old ones you are used to. For example, Glasgow Clydesiders or guys from Norway. Surprisingly, one little change to look forward is even among Czech teams. Jižní Město B will play for the first time.

As previous year, you can watch all games live at our Youtube channel. But you are always welcome to come and provide support to your favorite team. Entrance is free on Friday, then it will be 30,- CZK for 1 day entrance or 50,- CZK for whole weekend entry.

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Looking forward for good lacrosse and seeing you there!

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