24.1. - 26.1.2020

Sportovní hala Jižní Město

one week left

Exactly 7 days left! Exactly one week later, the 10th annual WLC will be started. In the remaining time, you can look at the website for more detailed information about each team. Take a look at your opponents’ rosters so they don’t surprise you;) A few teams still owe them, we are gradually completing them […]


Schedule published

We have finished the schedule and tournament system. You can find the schedule in the tab “Schedule” , tournament system is decribed in “Rules” . Fifteen teams entered the tournament. The round robin will start in five groups of three teams. The first team from each group will make their way to the battles about […]


Teams announced!

Teams announced! Under the tab “Current year 2020” > “Teams” you can see the list of participants of the upcoming 10th annual WLC. In total, 15 teams will participate in the fighting, of which 8 are from abroad. There will be a new team SBL CAPITALS from England. Defending the title will arrive last year’s […]


We want you!

We released a little hasty message that you no longer have the opportunity to engage with your team in the following battles. Fortunately, perhaps due to the upcoming holiday season, one of the teams decided to please someone else. So you have a few days to come forward and maybe it will be your team […]


48 days

The tournament is slowly approaching and there is 48 long days to go. If you follow us on facebooku and/or instagramu (which I recommend) you know that yesterday we published a little sneak peek on one of the teams who is going to fight for a placement. Perhaps some more clues to other participants will […]