The tournament is played according to the FIL 2015 rules with the following modifications.

Game time:

  • 2×15 min. running clock (break 2 minutes)
  • Final game 3×15 min. running clock (each break 2 minutes)


  • Minor penalty = 1 minute
  • Major penalty = 3 minutes 
  • Players penalized with match penalty are automatically suspended for next game.
  • Organizators reserve the right to add aditional game suspension(s) or expel a player from the tournament for particularly serious or dangerous foul and/or unsportsmanlike behaviour.


  • One 45 seconds long timeout per game.

Tournament play system:

it is not allowed to play for different teams

  • round-robin groups
    • 5 groups of 3 teams
    • in the group everyone plays with everyone
    • the match can end with a tie
    • win – 3 points
    • tie – 1 point
    • lose – 0 ponts
  • playoff
    • 1st to 8th place games:
      • 5 teams from group A-E placed 1st in the group
      • 3 teams from group A-E placed 2nd in the group based on “mini table of 2nd teams” according to the following key:
        • number of points
        • difference of score
        • number of goals scored
        • coin toss
      • matching key is as follows:
        • from two groups only 1 team advance, these will play QF4
        • the remaining three groups are alphabetically sorted to group 1-3, when:
          • QF1: 1st group 1st place vs. 3rd group 2nd place
          • QF2: 1st group 2nd place vs. 2nd group 1st place
          • QF3: 2nd group 2nd place vs. 3rd group 1st place
    • 9th to 15th palce games:
      • 5 teams from group A-E placed 3rd in the group
      • 2 team placed on the last 2 places in the “mini table of 2nd teams”
      • matching key is as follows:
        • 3rd team A vs 3rd team C
        • lower placed 2nd team vs 3rd team E
        • 3rd team B vs 3rd team D
      • better placed 2nd team goes dirrectly to game 30

Standings in the groups is determined by following criteria :

  1. points
  2. mutual match
  3. score difference
  4. goals scored
  5. draw

Individual awards:

  • Best goalkeeper
  • Best scorer
  • Player with the most points
  • Best Defensive Player