Teams announced!

Under the tab “Current year 2020” > “Teams” you can see the list of participants of the upcoming 10th annual WLC.

In total, 15 teams will participate in the fighting, of which 8 are from abroad.

There will be a new team SBL CAPITALS from England.

Defending the title will arrive last year’s winner GERMANY RED composed mainly of German representatives. We will meet the international team NOAFE for the second time. For the third time we can look forward to the winner of the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial GLASGOW CLYDESIDERS. With the same number of participations there will be VIENNA MONARCHS. BUNDESWEHR and TJ MALEŠICE will definitely want to improve their last year’s results. Traditionally, you can see last year’s finalist BATS BRATISLAVA together with POLISH EAGLES, OLD DOGS PLZEŇ and LC PARDUBICE. It is worth mentioning last year’s removal of the LCC RADOTÍN from the throne, which they kept for four years only for themselves. Their youngsters LCC WOLVES placed higher. The home team will deploy two of their “horses”, SK LACROSSE JIŽNÍ MĚSTO and RASCALS JM.

9.1.2020 Updated name of team – GERMANY RED

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