We have finished the schedule and tournament system.

You can find the schedule in the tab “Schedule” , tournament system is decribed in “Rules” .

Fifteen teams entered the tournament. The round robin will start in five groups of three teams. The first team from each group will make their way to the battles about first to eighth place. These fice will join top three teams that ended second in their group. The number of points will be decisive, where the team will receive three points for the win and one for a tie. Therefore, the score difference will probably be crucial. If that does not help, then it will be the number of goals scored (we do not expect a coin toss, but we will see). To the bottom part of the tournament will move seven team to fight for ninth to fifteen place. All those who finish third in their group and two teams that ended lower in the “mini-table of second teams” . The first of these teams will be a bit advantageous, but study it yourself …

Hope it makes a little sense :)

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