From 23 to 25.1. 2015 the fifth annual indoor boxlacrosse tournament has been held in Prague. This year Prague 11 and Jihoměstská Majetková took patronage over the tournament, which resulted in the renaming of the tournament at the posher Mayor’s Lax Cup.

The first whistle of the opening match between home team of LCJM and Pilsen Old Dogs came on Friday at 14:00. Since then 46 matches between Czech and foreign teams has been played. The hardest day was Saturday – the first match started already at 8 AM and the whole day ended up around 10 PM. The last two matches of Saturday moreover, were already pointing to the final of the tournament – the quarterfinals began to be played. LCJM and Malešice were the first known semifinalist.

Sunday morning then brought the other quarterfinal fights, from which Deutschland Adler and LCC Radotín sprang as winners. Meanwhile, interesting matches has been played from the lower part of the table. Later, in the semi-finals, Radotín condemned South City, as well as Adler did Malešice, to fight for third place. That match finally ended better for the home team so LCJM took the third place. After short spectator competitions the audience could get ready for the expected attractive final match between the only German team and the team of LCC Radotín. In Sunday evening LCC was the celebrating team, who in three periods could give Adler 9 goals against 5 received. The match was very emotional and visually impressive.

Now a few more statistics … 12 teams and 169 players in total has participated the tournament, 356 goals have been scored, two chin have been sewed … In short, it was a great show :)

The most important information, however, follows:

The placement of teams

  1. LCC Radotín
  2. Deutschland Adler
  3. SK Lacrosse Jižní Město
  4. TJ Malešice
  5. LC Pardubice
  6. LC ForFun
  7. LC Old Dogs Plzeň
  8. Bratislava Bats
  9. LCC Wolves
  10. EuroLaxCo
  11. TJ SIS Storm JM
  12. Polish Eagles

Individual awards

  • Best goalie – Tomáš Čekal (LCJM)
  • Best defender – Martin Hodaň (LCC Radotín)
  • Best shootee – Jiří Košťál (LCC Radotín) and Filip Hříbal (Old Dogs Plzeň) – both scored 15 goals
  • The most points – Radek Skála (LCC Radotín)
  • MVP – Radek Skála (LCC Radotín)

Mr. Václav Kuchař, the Chairman of Jihoměstská Majetková, gave out the prizes to all awarded.

Finally, we would once again like to thank our sponsors and partners (Prague 11 and Jihoměstská Majetková, Family Center Čyřlístek, Stockist, Proormedent, AW-dev, Exize, EuroLaxCo, Prague Sports and Foxlacrosse shop), organizers for the enormous help, teams for participation and wonderful matches and spectators for great atmosphere and hope to meet again with the majority of the year!

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