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Groups for upcoming tournament: Group A: LCJM A LCC Wolves Deutschland Adler LC ForFun Polish Eagles LC Old Dogs Plzeň Group B: LCC Radotín LC Bats Bratislava LC Pardubice EuroLaxCo LCJM B TJ Malešice

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Tournament is full!

All 12 participants are known and we are happy to announce them. 3 of 4 teams are from Czech republic: last year winner LC Jižní Město A, his „brother“ LC Jižní Město B, LC Custodes Radotín, LCC Wolves, TJ Malešice, LC Old Dogs Plzeň, LC Pardubice a LC ForFun Praha. Then we have four foreign […]

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Invitations has been sent already

Invitations has been sent and teams are slowly but surely sending their registrations. For those who haven’t decided yet we have a special temptation – official party! It will be held on Saturday 24th in club Beton and everyone is welcome. Join us to have some fun (beside lacrosse of course! ).

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