The tournament is played according to the FIL 2015 rules with the following modifications.

Game time:

  • round robin games, quaterfinals, semifinals, 3rd place game (2×12 min. running clock)
  • finals (3×12 min. running clock)


  • minor penalty lasts 1 minute (crosschecking, tripping, holding, etc.)
  • major penalty lasts 3 minutes (boarding, high sticking etc.) Penalty is released after the team with the man advantage scores two goals during the penalty time.
  • Players penalized with game misconduct are automaticly suspended for next game.
  • Tournament steering committee reserves the right to suspend players penalized with game misconduct for the rest of the tournament.


  • Each team has one time out per game. The time out lasts 45 seconds.

The maximum number of players:

  • The maximum number of players on each team is not limited.

Tournament play system:

  • 4 groups A, B, C, D
  • The quarterfinals are played as follows: 1A -2B; 1B -2A; 1C-2D; 1D – 2C
  • Winners of the quarterfinals will compete in the semifinals (eg B and D; A and C)
  • The defeats of the quarterfinals will match 5th to 8th place
  • Winners of the semi-final matches will compete in the final for the first place in the tournament.
  • Losses of semi-final matches will compete in 3 places.
  • Teams who do not qualify for a quarterfinals with a similar system will score 9th to 16th place.

Standings in the groups is determined by following criteria :

  1. points
  2. mutual match
  3. score difference
  4. goals scored
  5. draw

Individual awards:

  • Best goalkeeper
  • Best scorer
  • Player with the most points
  • Best Defensive Player